Fortran Prize

NASA announced several prizes for speeding up Fortran code in fluid dynamics.

The Littlest Hacker

The most famous, and unlikeliest, hacker in the news this week is 6 years old.


We need a better way to measure pain.

Fire Tornado

Fire Tornados! Throw something new and apocalyptic at your protagonist.

Brain Hack

Scientist have hacked the brain. Now they can predict the next word from your mouth. Creepy.

Battle of Bunker Hill

This million dollar Howard Pyle illustration “went missing” from the Delaware Art Museum in 2001.

Balls! Part II

After reading my “Balls!” blog post, my wife showed me a video of Olympic gymnastic ball exercises. Then she showed me this: I don’t know what to think anymore. I certainly didn’t see this coming. I feel like I need to re-evaluate my Balls! Theory now. Maybe don’t send pink or glittery balls.