New Jersey Needs Wild Cougars

There’s a way to save money and lives in New Jersey, a new study shows: Bring in more cougars. According to the study by the Conservation Letters journal, the eastern United States could see 155 fewer fatalities and save $2.13 billion in 30 years if we just had more of the big cats. New Jersey, the study says, could possibly save $2.4 million and avoid 24 injuries each year caused by deer-vehicle accidents. Scientists came to that conclusion by analyzing a factors including starting deer density Read the full story.

So they want to introduce cougars back into New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York to help control the deer population. Deer wreak havoc by feeding on crops. They also cause serious car accidents that sometimes lead to fatalities. People hunt deer year-round in New Jersey, but that still does not control the deer populaiton, especially in urban areas.

So policy makers and scientists want to use big cats to control the deer. Cougars will take down mature bucks, while other predators just pick off the weak, the sick, and the young. Cats are indiscriminate killers.

They will also eat dogs, livestock, babies. You name it. That’s why we got rid of them in the past.

Can you imagine a cougar strolling down the streets of Camden? I can.

Cats also cross breed more than any other animal. So can you imagine a population of cougars running around impregnating house cats that got out while in heat. What adorable kittens, until…

Unintended consequences anyone?

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  1. Teresa Hawk says:

    I’m going to steal this for a horror short. Thanks 🙂

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