The Littlest Hacker

The most famous, and unlikeliest, hacker in the news this week is little Ashlynd Howell of Little Rock, Ark. The exploits of the enterprising 6-year-old first came to light in a Wall Street Journal story about the difficulties of keeping presents a secret in the digital age. It seems that while mom Bethany was sleeping on the couch, Ashlynd gently picked up her mother’s thumb and used it to unlock the Amazon app on her phone. She then proceeded to order $250 worth of Pokemon presents for herself.

The parents got 13 confirmation emails and thought they’d been hacked. They never considered that their little girl did it.

Which brings up a few interesting points. First, we all have to sleep sometime. Most of us use our phones as alarm clocks. So, really anyone with access to you while you sleep can do this. A child. A lover. A burglar. A service android…

Security always follows a set behind. How do we stop this? Lock the phone in a safe? No thanks, not if I’m using it as an alarm. Change my passcode lock. Might work. How about security gloves? Gloves you sleep in that make an alarm sound if someone tries to take the off. Only $19.99. Worth it to save $250 in crap your kid bought. Or the hassle of returning it all.

What other devices could you come up with?

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